Better be barepawed

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This is a series of advertisements, which could be printed in magazines to point out the advantages of being barepawed. My idea is to have a word (or a couple words) on top, describing the advantage covered in the ad (such as speed, silence, cozyness), and a short descriptive text, the slogan "Better be barepawed", the freepaws badge and the address "" on the bottom.

If we actually wanted to print this, we would have to take paper formats into account - DIN A4 is 210×297 mm (8.27"×11.69"), US Letter is 216×279 mm (8.5"×11").

The first ad was created by K'sharra in April 2003. It shows a running cheetah from an interesting perspective. She sent me her version of it and the original artwork, so I remade it into what I imagined these ads to look like. Click on the pictures to see full size.

Natural cleats (K'sharra) Natural cleats (K'sharra/unci)

If you want to contribute, e-mail me either the finished ad or your artwork (in high resolution) which I will then complete with your text (or write my own). Thank you!

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