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Lyko James had the idea of a comic series about the benefits of bare paws! The location is a town near a lake, forest and mountains, populated by both furries and humans. It's more common to be barepawed among the furries, but some humans seem to be inspired by it as well - others don't seem to like bare paws as much ....

This comic strip is planned to be a cooperative work of several artists, so each comic may be done by someone different.

The cast (so far):

Sparks, a young anthro coyote furry with a happy-go-lucky attitude, who tries to convince everyone to have fun.

Lance, the skeptical human, who tries to skoff at the furries but always loses. More or less a static character for comic relief.

Sketch, a nature-loving Dalmatian.

The first strip is by Lyko James.

The second strip is by Angel Blanco.

If you want to contribute, e-mail me to get more info about planned characters and strip ideas.

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